Can You Mow the Lawn When It’s Raining?


Many people would say that the lawn should not be mow wet it is raining or even when the grass is wet. There are a lot of problems that can be caused and however advanced mowers have become over the years, there are still going to be problems, so if you really can’t avoid it, there are a few rules you should follow. There are times when the grass is just too tall to be left and if there is no sign of a bright day, just bite the bullet and go for it, but be careful not to use electric equipment.

How to Cut

Cut the grass

It is best to leave it a little longer than you would usually cut it. About an extra half an inch or so should be okay and by doing this there will be fewer clippings left behind. If you don’t manage to finish the job and not have a lot of clippings, then make sure you get rid of them quickly. The longer you leave them lying on the lawn, the less likely you will have healthy grass coming through. In the worst cases there can be fungal disease attacking the lawn.

Dealing With Wet Grass

Wet grass

If you are mowing wet grass, the blade has to be very sharp as there can be a couple of problems caused. In the first instance, it can damage the mower as the grass will pull on the engine and eventually break it. The second problem will be the grass itself. A blunt blade is going to tear at the grass rather than cut it, and unless there is a clean cut, the grass will not be healthy. If the cut is being made in the spring, it will risk damaging the new grass as it will not yet have been able to take hold. For the best results, you can try and mow before the rain arrives. It might mean that you have to rearrange a few things and mow on a day when you had planned something else, but it will be better than leaving it until the day you had planned to do it and mowing just after the rain. Also, try and mow more frequently than you normally do. It will be a nuisance and can keep you away from doing other things, but it will be much better for the lawn in the long run.

Think of Yourself

You also have to think about what it is like mowing in the rain. It is not going to be the best event of your week, and it will not be conducive to growing good and healthy grass. There will be some lawn mowers that are able to deal with a downpour and these will be the ones that have incredibly fast blades as well as balloon tyres. If you have a run of the mill lawn mower that is really just meant for residential use, you are going to have a badly cut lawn and in some places, the grass will be severely damaged and this will be difficult to repair.

So why is the rain such a problem when it comes to mowing the lawn?

Rain Lawn Care

Basically it is because of the way the grass reacts when it gets wet. Blades of grass do not stand tall in the rain but will bend over so when the blades get to them, they are just pushed flat. As soon as the sun comes out again, the grass will stand up straight and it will be hard to tell that any mowing has been carried out. There will also be some bits that do get cut that then attach themselves to the mower blades and there will be less grass cut as the blades are now clogged. There is also a problem when it comes to mulching as the grass is no longer cut into the little pieces in the way that it is when it is dry. It all sticks together and is left on the grass. It is amazing how quickly a fairly small amount of wet grass left on the lawn can prevent the healthy growth of grass that is trying to come through.


The reality is that there are times when you will have to mow the lawn in the rain and if this is the case, make sure that the blades turn quickly, and the minute there is a dry spell, go back out and take away all the clumps you can.