Lawn Maintenance after Winter Neglect


To prevent there being further damage carried out on lawns that have been neglected throughout the winter, a self-propelled lawn mower should be used. Sadly it seems to be the case that there are many lawns neglected throughout the winter and it is important to start improvement as soon as possible. As soon as spring comes, a program of maintenance should be put in place and it is very likely the damage will be rectified.

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What Can Be Done During Winter?

Sadly there is not a lot than can be done to protect the lawn during the winter that will be of much use, as the cold weather forces the lawn to effectively sleep. Cutting will be difficult as there will be so little growth that there will be little to cut. It would be pointless seeding or using fertilizer as the weather is not conducive to grass growing, so leave it be and wait for the spring to appear before you begin to look after the lawn again.

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What Damage Is Caused During the Winter Months?

The lawn will not die over the winter as grass is too hardy to allow that to happen, but there will be a degree of weakness shown, especially once the weather gets cold and icy. Snow will damage the grass quite a bit as once it has melted, there will be areas of grass that are patchy and have dark patches. Voles can also cause damage, but the return of spring will bring solutions.

What Helps Recovery?

First off all, do not rush out to mow the lawn right away as this will not give the grass time to get used to the changes and do what it can to recover on its own. Once the grass has grown of its own accord, the self-propelled lawn mower used should have a high setting as this will not weaken the grass that is being cut, but will deal with the weeds. This will be a great help, as it will mean that the competition for the sun and moisture will have been removed. It is now the time to use fertilizer and the best type will be one that is high in nitrogen. At the same time something is needed to stop any weeds that are still there from becoming established. A pre-emergent herbicide will be best here, and then later in the season, add another lot of fertilizer. At the same time it will be a good idea to use additional sprays to remove and prevent weeds, and for this you need to look for a herbicide that is safe for use on grass.

Is Over-seeding Needed?

This is going to be a good way to help get the lawn looking the way you want it to look. Even of the grass does not appear to have been too badly affected, an annual reseeding will only be good for the lawn. This is the case even if it has only been a mild winter, and if it is combined with over-seeding in the fall, before the winter has had a chance to take hold, the results will be even better. When coming out of a particularly hard winter it will be best to wait until mid-spring to reseed as leaving it too late can leave the seeds at the mercy of the sun. The seeds should be lightly watered, and if they have been put down with a seed slitter, they should take well and prosper.


As winter is the month that can have such a detrimental effect on grass it is vital that maintenance is carried out once spring arrives. By the time the sun is about to start appearing, there lawn will need help as it will not be able to survive without it. There are only a few things that need to be remembered in order to have a lawn that you can be proud of. Firstly, make sure the mowing is carried out correctly, and then use the best fertilizer you can afford before over-seeding and setting up the program you will follow throughout the next months. A good lawn does have to have time spent on it, but with good planning it does not have to be too much or too often.