Options for Your Lawn Clippings


When you are concerned about lawn clippings after your grass has been cut, you will do well if you try mowing it with a self-propelled lawn mower. It can be a difficult and back breaking job collecting all the clippings every time the lawn is mowed, and even though it is difficult to collect them, once they have been collected there are a wide variety of ways that you can get rid of them. Some ways take a little extra work, but others will see them out of your way with very little effort. One idea is to just dump them in the rubbish but due to the fact that there is a shortage of landfill space, this is an unfair and irresponsible thing to do, especially when there are other choices.

Council Collection

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There are many places where there is a system of collecting garden waste and it is run by the local council. By putting the cuttings in this bin, there will be no problems as the local authority will remove it. They will either sell it on to be recycled or will at least get rid of it in a moral way. This way you will be solving your own problem and also bringing in some money for the area. Often, it will be sold on to people who are not having much luck with their lawns, and what you considered to be a nuisance and rubbish, is being put to good use by someone else.

Try Grasscycling

If you want to get the most out of your own lawn, you can leave the cuttings where they fall. This is a form of recycling even though they are not being sent to an official site. By doing this you will be “grasscycling” When they are left on the grass, there are a lot of nutrients taken from them and put back into the lawn. They will also prevent moisture escaping and the grass will not suffer if the weather is warmer or it is not possible to water it as often as normal. To get the best result when grasscycling, cut the grass when it is really dry and do not cut it too short. About 30% of the blade should be removed as this will leave a decent sized blade left and also mean there is a manageable amount left in the soil.

Help Trees and Bushes

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Trees can also benefit from having the lawn clippings from a self-propelled lawn mower placed at their foot, as will hedges and larger plants as they will always need a little help to make sure they thrive (Read more about self propelled lawn mower reviews). They will be the same use as mulch and will prevent moisture from escaping and also will deter the growth of weeds, therefore saving you another tiring and back breaking job. In the same way as when they are put back onto the lawn, they will pass their nutrients on to the tree or bush.


Try neighbors, as often they will be glad of the donation of lawn clippings but would not have liked to ask you for them. If there are no takers in the local area, you could place an advert in the local press or website, and say there are bags of clippings free for anyone who wants them. If you make it a collection only offer, it is not going to cost you a penny to carry out your good deed for the day. All in all there are many ways to get rid of the clippings and all legal and helpful.