How Much Should You Charge for Mowing a Lawn?


Now that you have decided to mow lawns, now you need to know what you should charge. You need to think of all of your costs and the time it is going to take to complete the work. If you go to high you could find residents go elsewhere and if it is too low, you are not going to make much profit. In some areas there will be a lot of competition, so that is always going to affect what people pay, as is the wealth of the people whose lawns you want to mow.

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Who is employing you?

You also need to take into account the people who will be employing you and why they are doing it. Some will really love their lawns and want them to be perfect, so you can give a lot of time and charge a decent amount, but others may feel obliged to keep the lawn neat and not really care if you make it look ideal. Here you could charge a little less and not give a great deal of time to the work. Often they will be something in between and are happy to pay a fair price as long as you turn up when you say you will and do the job that you promise to do.

Think of the competition

It is going to be a problem setting a price in some areas if there are other people already working there. Prices will have been established and it could be difficult to veer away from the standard. You will rarely get many people to change to you if you want to charge more, and if you go too low you could find it is not sustainable. You either, make a loss for a time, and hope you can manage until it is acceptable to put up the prices, or do it quickly and risk a bad reputation. A few dollars extra may be okay, especially; if there have been problems with the previous worker, but much more than that will be hard to sell.

Work out Your Costs Including Equipment

Before giving a price, work out what will be the amount you need to cover your costs and then how much an hour you want for yourself. Remember to include things such as insurance and wear and tear on your equipment. When it comes to equipment it is best to have the right type of mower for the work you will be doing. Before buying the latest motor models, check that they are suitable for the areas you are working in, and don’t put off buying one if you are taking a lot of time mowing a lawn manually. It could be that the extra jobs you can do with a better mower will allow you to pay of the bill more quickly. To allow you to charge at a sensible rate, you can keep down costs, down – buy second hand equipment and only buy items you know you will use. Don’t waste time when you are working. You may be eager to build up the business but think carefully before taking on small jobs that are going to cost a lot of money to allow you to get there and will mean you are wasting valuable working time on the road.

Consider Help

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It may seem strange to say that working with another person could save you money, but this could be the case. As long as they are aware they may not be getting paid a fortune, you could have time to take on more work if you have someone to do some of the more menial tasks while you do most of the mowing. If you can add an extra couple of jobs and still not feel you are doing extra work, the employee will be paying for themselves. This is only the case however if there are large jobs to do. A lot of smaller ones that are not paying a lot may not make this approach feasible.


If there are others in the same profession who seem to be making more money or getting more jobs, you could try reducing your rates a little but not to the extent you could end up losing business. You have to cover all angles before giving a price and don’t be afraid to lose work if the client won’t pay a fair price.

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